A New Living Room and Dining Room

As I mentioned a few days ago we’ve been replacing the carpet in our living room and dining room. It was a cheap carpet in the first place and had faded badly so it was time for a new one. Whilst at it we thought we’d redecorate the rooms too as it has to be better to paint the walls before you get a new carpet rather than after!

It didn’t take long to do the painting and once the bug had got me I even moved onto the hall where I sanded down an area that had previously been a doorway that we had blocked up. Once that was done I painted the entire hallway as well, and also fixed a cupboard in the bathroom and put up a coat hook for Morgan in the utility room.

The new carpet arrived yesterday and has been well fitted. It is lighter than the previous one so hopefully won’t fade as much in the sun and it is much much thicker. So thick in fact that a carpenter is coming today (hopefully) to cut down the doors between the two rooms as they no longer fit.

I’ve started moving the furniture back into the rooms but all of the holes in the wall that the shelves and such like were attached with are all now in the wrong place because the extra thick carpet has effectively raised the shelves etc. my about a centimetre. So, it’s more DIY for me today and out with the drill to attach these things to the wall…. Nothing is ever easy!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

    And here’s the new (finished) Dining Room – I’m liking it!

    Our New Dining Room

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