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My beloved and very well used Garmin Forerunner 305 has stopped working. I’ve had it since January 2008 and it has been working flawlessy but now it keeps switching itself off. Sometimes it’ll stay on for a while but if I just touch the casing then it shuts down. I guess it could have got some water in it which keeps making it short circuit.

It has been well used mind you, as not only do I use it for the intended sports such as running and cycling, but I also use it at circuits, on my turbo trainer complete with a speed and cadence sensor, I use it for geocaching and I use it when windsurfing. The latter of which may be the reason it no longer works as I guess it isn’t fully waterproof.

And there in lies my dilema. The updated versions don’t really have any new features that are of use to me so I may as well replace it with exactly the same model. The 305 has everything I need and has been serving me well and is now available for just over £100. The newer model is the Garmin Forerunner 310XT – This does look a little better and has a couple of advantages over the 305, the main one being that it is fully waterproof, which could be useful seeing as that might be what killed my existing one. It is also a little lighter, has better battery life and has a wireless sync capability. Trouble it is is twice the price which is quite a big difference.

There is also a Garmin Forerunner 410, but I can’t find UK pricing for it. In the US it is just as expensive as the 310XT but is only as waterproof as the 305 so not really an option for me.

Looks like I’ll have to stick with the 305, or is 310XT worth the extra for it’s better waterproof qualities – Decisions, decisions.

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  1. Lesley says:

    Al, Garmin have an excellent service and replacement reputation. You may well get a new one free of charge. Worth contacting them and asking for repairs. Hope you get it sorted

  2. Alan says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions to return the unit to Garmin and the vote of confidence in their services and repairs.

    In the end I decided to buy a new unit from Amazon and got quite a bargain on it – Didn’t expect to get a Garmin Forerunner 305 for less than £90.


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