The Perils of Weight Loss

I’ve actually lost a bit of weight recently. That’s not a bad thing as I approach the age of 40. A number of people have commented on the fact and my BMI is now well within the ‘Ideal Weight’ bracket. All of which is good and I’m fairly pleased with it. That was until this morning when I was out windsurfing.

Nope, it’s not the fact that an extra bit of weight would mean I could hang onto a bigger sail and get more speed. It’s not even the fact that my wetsuit is a little baggy and doesn’t keep me as warm as it used to – or the fact that I have less ‘insulation’ of my own.

The problem is that my fingers have got skinnier – Not a big deal you might think and not really a problem for windsurfing, until you figure in the fact that I wear my wedding ring when I’m out windsurfing and my new skinny fingers mean that the ring was no longer as snug as it was. In fact it was pretty loose. The looseness of the ring, cold fingers and the wet water meant that it just slipped off whilst I was water-starting this morning. It was there one second, gone the next and there was nothing I could do about it.

I was stuck in a rip with the tide rushing out, struggling to release the rig from the grips of the current when it popped off. I did have my wits about me though and marked the position with my GPS. It’s a very long shot, but I’m going to take a walk in the area that I lost it at low tide, just in case I can see it. If I can find a metal detector then I shall take that with me too.

If anyone comes across a gold wedding ring with a wave pattern on the sand of Ynyslas could they return it to me please. It looks exactly like this:

The actual windsurf session was OK. A little gusty but at least I managed to rig my 6.3m North Warp easily today and had some nice runs over only slightly choppy water. Nothing really fast though and I was a little worried about the sandbanks as they were difficult to see and the water was fast becoming very shallow over the tops of them.

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  1. Alan says:

    Well, I’ve tried my best – I’ve scoured the area where I lost the ring but as expected there was no sign of it. 🙁


  2. Stu says:

    Hey Al, bad news on the ring. When I worked in Greece I came in after a session and realised I’d lost a ring, too. Luckily not as important as a wedding ring, but still pretty gutted. A week later, a girl came to me on the beach and said she’d just found a ring on the beach. I looked at it and low and behold it was mine. I guess I’d just lost it in the shallows…

    Another time (on the same trip), one of the guys was pulling an anchor up on a boat and his very expensive watch literally just popped off and went into 10m deep water. He took a transit on the location, and I went back with him the next day. He said he were wasting our time, but after dropping anchor in the same location I jumped in and saw it straight away, swam down and got it. Pretty lucky really, but goes to show…

    • Alan says:

      Sounds as though I could do with some of your luck here – No sign of it at low tide – Looks as though I shall be buying a new one as I like the ring itself as well as what it stood for.


  3. Anna says:

    There’s something about your family and loosing Wedding rings at Ynyslas. I suppose we should be grateful that it didn’t get lost for as long as it did! How many weeks after his wedding did Jay loose his ring in the sea?

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