Foraging for Food

Our forgaing for food is going well. Anna and Morgan got some more blueberries yesterday and the blackberries are almost ready. We even had a little expedition on the beach earlier in the week looking out for Razor Clams.

We went armed with a bucket and a pot of salt. Apparently once you’ve found a hole that a Razor Clam lives in you can coax it out by pouring sand into the hole and then grab it and ease it out of its hole ready for cooking and eating! We haven’t eaten them before so we’re not sure if they are nice or not, but if we can catch some for free then we may as well try them.

Fortunately for the razor clams we didn’t see any holes and therefore didn’t manage to catch or eat any. Not particularly successful as foraging expeditions go but it was a nice evening walk along the beach all the same.

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