Feeding the Bats

I put the moth trap out last night and then went out and sat by it. It seemed more as though I was feeding the bats though as there were loads of them about, swooping down and flying under the pergola and then circling around the moth trap.

I didn’t get to see them close up but there were at least two species of bat, one small black one and a much larger browner coloured one.

Some of the moths must have got through though as the trap had the following in it:

  • 2x Shoulder Stripe
  • 1x Brindled Pug
  • 1 x Buff Tip*
  • 1x Fox Moth*
  • 2x Garden Carpet
  • 1x Purple Bar
  • 1x Hebrew Character
  • 2x Small Square-spot
  • 3x Shuttle-shaped Dart
  • 2x Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet
  • 1x Flame Shoulder
  • 1x Rustic Shoulder Knot
  • 1x Barred Carpet
  • 1x Common Pug
  • 1x Red Twin-spot Carpet

The Buff tip was in a pretty sorry state and did look as though it had at least been chewed a little bit by a bat!

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