Time for a Rest Day

The trouble with trying ti get fit is that it can become a little more than a habit and become an obsession. You end up trying to do more in order to improve, but in the end just do too much. Resting is very much an important part of any training schedule and after last night MTB ride I think today and tomorrow will be rest days for me.

I felt tired from the start and I guess that isn’t surprising. The day before I did a turbo trainer session in the afternoon, followed by a circuit training session and a swimfit session. Then, on top of all that I didn’t sleep very well, only managing to fall asleep for an hour or so on Tuesday night. I then met Dave in Penrhyncoch for a long ride last night. We started off with a long ride up the Bont Goch climb and it wasn’t long before I realised that my legs weren’t up to it. I was soon lagging behind Dave who seemed to be more spritely than usual!

I made it to the top where we met Dan and we headed off through the mist and fog around the Summit Trail. Dan isn’t quite up to speed at the moment either, so at least I had someone behind me on the leg-burner climb, but Dan headed off home after that leaving me trying to keep up with Dave again.

We came back down from Nant yr Arian via Cymsymlog which although a descent does have quite a bit of pedalling along the flats and little rises so even that was hard work but at least I managed to put it in a big gear and keep up. The battery on my lights then died so I had to stick with Dave’s wheel for the last half mile or so in order to see where I was going.

As you can see, it was a fairly hilly 20 miles.

Last nights ride

A good ride, but I’m not sure how useful it was as I was just plodding around doing my best to keep going. Time for a rest day today and maybe some yoga in preparation for a nice long steady ride over the weekend.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author David goodwin says:

    Perhaps the issue is defining ‘fit’

    you can’t be doing too bad to do what you do – your exercise is a lot more varied than mine (running).

    Or are you training for some sort of epic event ? 🙂

    • Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

      Nothing too epic, just a few MTB races… It’s more a case of training to try to negate the effects of getting older, although, the more I do the more I realise that I’m no longer 20 and time has taken its toll!


  2. Haha – yes, I definitely agree with respect to feeling the effects of age.

    What MTB races do you do apart from the Dyfi? I’ve mostly decided to not do any more MTB enduros as I’ve not cycled at all since the last one (June, Kington).

    • Avatar forComment Author Alan says:

      Hi David…
      I only started doing them last year and did the Mawddach Goldrush, Dyfi Enduro and Sleepless in the Saddle.

      Some of the others I’m thinking about are these: MTB Race Calendar 2010

      Although the Isle of Man End2 End is already fully subscribed which is a shame.

      I’ve signed up for the Mawddach Goldrush though which is only a month away so I need to get some training in. I’m not exactly competitive though I just do them for ‘fun’.

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