Mawddach Goldrush 2010

I did the Mawddach Goldrush as part of a team last year. For those who don’t know, it is a charity mountain bike event in Coed y Brenin organised by Mawddach Rotary Club Trust. The event involves three approximately 10 mile long laps on the Tarw Trail.

I’m thinking of doing again this year, but this time as a solo entry. A few others that I cycle with are signed up to do it so I guess I should join them. It’s one of the first events of the year and 3o miles through the forests will be quite a challenge as I’m not feeling that fit at the moment, but it should be fun too.

I had hoped to photograph the event as well, or at least some of it, but I may well train Anna and Morgan up to do that for me instead. I’m sure with a little bit of tuition they’ll be able to do almost as good a job as me, and if the photos turn out to be of sale-able quality then this could well turn into a good partnership. I can ride the events, Anna and Morgan can photograph them and I can then process and sell the photos! I’m not quite sure what is in that deal for Anna and Morgan but we’ll see how it goes.

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  1. Alan says:

    I’ve just paid my entry fee, so I’d better start getting myself ready. It should be just over 30 miles altogether so it’s quite a way and I think I need to do some longer rides in the run up to the event.

    I also need to train Anna up on the use of my camera if we are to get any decent photos from the Mawddach Goldrush 2010.


  2. Alan says:

    Only 1 week to go… Hope you’re all ready?… I’m not!


  3. Alan says:

    Well, I finished it and not in too bad a time either.

    Full race report here: Mawddach Goldrush 2010 Race Report.

    Result here: Mawddach Goldrush Results.


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