A Return to Gecoaching in Aberystwyth

It has been ages since I’ve been geocaching. I’ve been out to repair or replace a few of my own caches now and then but hadn’t done any finding myself as I thought I’d have to travel to find any new ones.

How wrong I was. I had a look at the Geocaching website yesterday and there are loads of new caches in the area. Someone called ‘nitroglysarine’ has hidden an entire ‘Alphabet Series’ in the local neighbourhood, so that’s at least 26 geocaches that I haven’t found and there are lots of others too.

I had a few meetings in Aberystwyth yesterday so before I left I loaded a few cache locations onto my GPSr and stopped off on my way to my meetings for a few quick finds. All were really easy and accessible by car so they were quick ‘cache and dashes’ that took me no time at all. I even got an FTF (First to Find) on one of them.

I prefer the caches that are out in the middle of nowhere really, but those take quite a bit of time and effort to do and I don’t always have that time. So for now these local, easy caches will have to do and it’s good to see so many new ones in the area and new cachers out there hiding geocaches. It looks as though the number of Aber-cachers has been growing and will be keeping me busy for a while. I shall load up my GPSr with all of the new caches today so that I can find them whenever we are out and about.

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  1. nitroglysarine says:

    nice to see my name up on a random google of ‘geocache’
    there is also now a series of greek letters. they are a series of cahces in roughly urban settings but with a difficulty of between 2.5 to 5. The alphabet series is almost all out. i’m trying to find better untapped walks in the area.

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