Aberdovey Windsurf Demo

Windsurfing Aberdovey

Windsurfing Aberdovey

It was the second of the two annual windsurf demo days at Aberdovey this weekend. Basically, Boardwise and a load of windsurf manufacturers turn up with lots of new boards and sails for us to try. There are usuaully a few celebrities from the windsurf world there too.

Despite the fact that it is only about a mile from our house the dovey estuary is between us and Aberdovey so it is a 45 minute drive. The demo itself is held within the estuary so the sailing isn’t the most exciting as it is on flat water.

Because of this, and the fact that my Dad was here, I didn’t bother making the effort on the Saturday and instead had a really good windsurf session from home on the seafront at Ynyslas. Lots of wind, some mad squalls and some huge waves made for a 5 star session.

On the Sunday I decided that I should show my face at the demo, so did drive around and had a good day playing with all of the new kit. There was nothing revolutionary and pretty much every board and sail combo that I tired felt good. All are fast, easy to sail and feel like fun. Some are a little more confortable that others, some jump a bit better or gybe a little better but there isn’t a huge difference these days. It would of course have been nice to try them in some real waves, but that wasn’t really possible.

It was good though and it was nice to see some friends that I hadn’t seen for a while, along with all of the other familiar faces from previous demo events. Quite why very few of the people who turn up for these events are never seen between events is still a mystery to me. They all seem to be enjoying themselves and enjoying the conditions, so why don’t they sail here more often?

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  1. Alan says:

    Some photos from the Aberdovey Demo on Whitey’s site. (http://www.davewhite.me/news/2009/45-windywales/windywales.html)

    Richard, no’s 9, 10 and 22
    Steve, no’s 42 and 49
    Me, no’s 41 and 52

    Are you there?


  2. Peter says:

    Hi Alan , I was at the demo too !! Pic 24 !

    I see your article on Islay windsurfing (loch indaal) whats it like ?


    • Alan says:

      Hi Pete
      Loch Indaal was really nice. Its a huge area so you can launch from a few places and conditions were fairly easy. Just bump and jump blasting really. I launched from near to Blackrock where you can park up on the pebbles just above the beach.

      Don’t expect to have anyone else to sail with though as it was pretty deserted when I was there.

      If you want some easy wave-sailing then Laggan bay looked as though it had potential in the right conditions, they never quite presented themselves whilst we were there though.

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