Burning off the excess.

Just like many other people up and down the country I ate far too much over the past few days and did far too little exercise. In total I put on half a stone which is quite an achievement in itself!. Now its time to do something about that.

Although my arm aches from playing 10-pin bowling on the Wii, it just wasn’t enough to help with the weight loss so after going for a windsurf here at Ynyslas and playing in the dunes with Morgan I hopped onto the Turbo Trainer for a quick workout.

I didn’t feel great to start with but after a 10 minute warm up decided to do the horrible intervals I tried the other day. The aim is 4 minutes easy at 100 Watts and then 1 min hard at 400 Watts. Last time my legs just died at around 45 seconds on the hard effort so I adjusted both the length of the hard effort to 45 seconds and the rest effort to 3:45. This time I managed to do the whole 1 minute on all seven reps at 400 Watts which I was pleased about. As you can see from the Heart Rate chart below it was pretty tough, but it isn’t supposed to be easy.

INterval Session Dec 27th 2009

Interval Session Dec 27th 2009

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