Family Mountain Biking at Nant yr Arian

At last, I finally got the whole family out for a mountain bike ride, and I think they enjoyed it.

Unfortunately there isn’t a proper, family-friendly trail at Nant yr Arian. The easiest trail there has a few bits in it that aren’t really suitable for complete beginners or 4 year olds, and there is a bit of a climb out of the centre that would be too much for Morgan. So, we started from the car park at Pendam and simply went along the road, which is a very quiet road, and then down along the ‘Spine’ and around Llyn Blaenmelindwr.

It didn’t start too well as Anna managed to fall off her bike in the car park – before she even got on it! but no harm was done and it gave us all a bit of a laugh. Morgan was a little tentative to start with, but he hadn’t been on his bike for at least 3 months so it took a while for him to get going. Anna was the same really and didn’t seem to enjoy the Spine to start with.Morgan did well getting up the little hills on the far side of the lake though and had a huge smile on his face when he did. He soon got tired though so after a quick circuit of the lake (about 2 miles) we headed back to the car.

I then sent Anna off on another circuit of the lake and told her to include the ‘Diggers End’ section as well. By the time she got back she looked much happier and seemed to have enjoyed it. I then had a quick spin around the lake and down the Hippity Hop section as well.

All in all a successful little ride and something I’ll have to force everyone to do more often so that they can improve and start to enjoy it more.

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