Photos From Llyn Vyrnwy

I spent the day on Sunday taking photos of the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon.

Straining Tower

Straining Tower

The Half Marathon didn’t start until 1pm, but I got up early and had hoped to get some photos of the lake as the sun rose. Unfortunately it was shrouded in mist and fog and I couldn’t see anything at sunrise!

It did clear up nicely later on though so I managed to get some shots of the dam and the straining tower but by then the light wasn’t quite so nice..

I did a geocache while I was there as well, and walked around most of the Half Marathon course. I stopped for lunch on the shores of the lake and as I was sat there saw a kingfisher perch on a branch overhanging the lake. I set my camera up ready for the perfect shot if he returned, but despite sitting there for at least an hour with the camera poised and ready to go he didn’t return… The shot that got away!

It’s certainly a nice part of Wales, especially on such a gorgeous day and I shall be back soon.

By the time the runners came round, it was early afternoon and the sun was shining. Conditions weren’t great for taken photos as there were lots of harsh shadows cast on the runners and with so many of them it was difficult to capture them all, but I got around 600 shots and I’m quite pleased with many of them.

Lake Vyrnwy Dam

Lake Vyrnwy Dam

Straining Tower from Lake Vyrnwy Hotel

Straining Tower from Lake Vyrnwy Hotel

The Lake Vyrnwy Dam

The Lake Vyrnwy Dam

Straining Tower, Lake Vyrnwy

Straining Tower, Lake Vyrnwy

6 Responses

  1. Graham says:

    Some lovely photos there. The second one could be a postcard. Well done!

  2. Hey great pics! I kayaked round Lake Vyrnwy earlier in the year. Went through one of the arches next to the tower! It’s funny – most people seem to head to Bala and miss out on Vyrnwy – it’s much quieter as a result.

  3. Alan says:

    Thanks ‘Ocean Escape’. It certainly is a pretty special place. I wish I’d had my canoe with me when I was there, but I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

    Maybe we should keep it quiet though before everyone hears about it!


  4. verity bowcock says:

    Are you selling any of your Lake Vyrnwy photos as canvas prints please

  5. Alan says:

    Hi Verity…

    Yes, I can get canvas prints of these (or any other photos) printed up. I’ve had some done for myself and they come out really nice. We have one of our son on the living room wall and everyone always comments on how nice it is. (

    I’ve sent you an e-mail with some prices etc.


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