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Supplements to keep me active 2

Supplements to keep me active

As promised in my recent blog post about the “Keys to Consistency in Triathlon Training” I was going to go into more details about some of the main points I thought had helped. These were: Changes to my diet, A few well chosen supplements, A strength and conditioning program specifically targeting injury prevention, Regularly changing...

Triathlons, Statins and CPK Levels 4

Triathlons, Statins and CPK Levels

Triathlon Training I’m taking my triathlon training a little more seriously this year. I’ve been following a sensible training plan and have just about finished a winter ‘Base Phase’ of training. With my coach we’d been gradually increasing the volume of training over the past couple of months and I’m now just beginning to increase...


Double Fry Up & Statins Please

We went to the garden centre at the weekend and seeing as I’d only had toast for breakfast I decided that a cooked breakfast was in order. I know it isn’t the healthiest choice, but it is the best value for money especially as it comes with a pot of tea! It was quite late...