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Honey Bees on Crocuses 2

The Bees think Spring is Here

I mentioned the other day that the bees were busy. Well, they’re at it again, out enjoying the Spring sunshine and feasting on the pollen and nectar from out little patch of crocuses. As new beekeepers who are just coming out of their first winter with bees, it’s a lovely sight to see. It must...

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Grey Herons 0

Springwatch Webcams at Ynyshir

Springwatch starts tonight on the BBC. As mentioned elsewhere in this blog, this year (and for the next couple of years at least) they are coming live from Ynyshir RSPB Nature reserve in the Dyfi Valley, just up the road from us here in West Wales. It’s the perfect place for them with stunning scenery,...

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Morgan eating Wood Sorrel 1

Springwatch & Food Foaging at Ynyshir RSPB

There’s lots going on at Ynyshir RSPB reserve at the moment. Spring Watch will be coming from there in a couple of weeks so it is all go getting things ready for the production. A studio is being set up overlooking the lake and various nest boxes are being modified to accept cameras – I...

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Aberystwyth 0

A Woodland Walk in Aberystwyth

The Bank Holiday weekend was gorgeous here – That ‘s almost worth a blog post in its own right, but we also spent much of Monday in Aberystwyth and had a lovely walk through the Penglais Woods nature Reserve. The Bluebells are really early this year and are actually coming towards the end of their...

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Crocus 0

Colour in the Garden

It’s nice to see some Spring colour in the garden. We’ve also started to think about sowing seeds for the summer vegetables as well. On the list are courgettes, beans, peas, tomatoes, peppers and chilli’s. We already have garlic, onions and leeks that are doing well and hopefully the herbs and soft fruit will be...

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Snowdrops 0

Spring is Here

It’s Saturday February 26th and I think we can say that Spring is definitely here. It’s been a ¬†glorious sunny day, albeit with a cool breeze, and there are flowers in the garden. A couple of crocuses, the first of the daffodils with plenty of others soon to follow and some snowdrops. Everything else seems...

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Garden check-up 1

Garden check-up

Saturday was forecast to be dry, sunny and wind free so I’d planned a day in the garden doing some work. It may still be winter, but there’s plenty to do in the garden and fitting in a day at this time of year will hopefully pay off. You have to be careful though as...

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Springing into Life

All of a sudden the garden is full of colour. The bright greens of new growth on almost everything, the bright yellows of Marsh Marigolds, Daffodils, Celandine (and of course dandelions) and the purples of the newly flowering Bluebells.

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