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Beach Clean Brigade 0

Beach Cleaning with the Scouts

We should do beach cleaning with the Scouts more often. Not only does it mean we are providing a valuable service here in Borth and Ynyslas by helping to keep the beach clean and free of rubbish, but it’s a nice easy evening to organise. We just have to turn up with pickers, bags and...

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Breakfast 3

Boreaton Park Scout Camp – Day 2

And we’re off – After Day 1 of our 2016 Scout Camp to PGL Boreaton Park, Day 2 started as usual with a huge breakfast and the usual trauma of making sure everyone had everything they needed for the days activities. Canoeing As the first of these activities was canoeing everyone had to be organised with clothes...

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Parents Get Lost 2

Boreaton Park Scout Camp – Day 1

Before we could go on a Scout Camp to Boreaton Park I had to first do my MiDAS minibus driving test so that I could drive one of the Ystwyth Reach Out buses to get everyone there. This meant taking a day off work on Monday and a whole day driving around Ceredigion and completing...

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Scouts with Lantern 5

Final Fanfare for our Festive Fish

As our angler fish lantern was such a hit at the Machynlleth lantern parade, we decided to take him along to the Aberystwyth lantern parade as well. The lantern parade in Aberystwyth is associated with the turning on of the Christmas lights and is therefore a festive affair, so we decided that tonight her would...

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Pudding Party 1

Pudding Party

Sorry about the lack of updates here, but I’ve been busy at work this week and have had to fit in all of the usual, chores, training and surfing too. Working at the Uni, Running my web design business and building websites, Cooking, Cleaning, Laundry, Gardening, 3 sessions on the bike, 4 swim sessions (a few...

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Boreaton Park Scout Camp 2015 3

Scout Camp at Boreaton Park

After my mad cycle ride from Bangor to Aberystwyth with work, it was straight home to shower, feed the cat and the guinea pigs and then back into the car for a drive to Boreaton Park in Shropshire for a PGL Camp that we had organised for the Scouts. Anna, Morgan, the other leaders and all of...

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Kayaking with the Scouts

We spent a nice evening courtesy of Aber Kayakers messing about on the water with the Scouts on Friday. The hot humid weather with thunderstorms threatening was just perfect and the gravel pits in Cwm Rheidol certainly looked inviting..As usual there was a fair bit of time spent sorting the Scouts out with buoyancy aids,...

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Aberystwyth Panto

After a training morning on Sunday and a Beehive Re-location, our day was still not done as we were off to the Panto in Aberystwyth. One of our Scouts was in the panto so we had originally planned to take to other Scouts along with us and have quite a big party of panto-goers. But...

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