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Parents Evening 4

Parents Evening

We had our first Parents Evening at Morgan’s new school earlier this week. A chance for us to meet his form teacher and see how they thought he was settling in. As far as we were concerned he seems to be loving it. Always keen to go to school in the mornings, loving the independence...

Making his way out through the whitewater 0

Surf School

Morgan’s second week at Senior School this week and all seems to be going well. He loves getting the bus to and from school, seems to be enjoying the school work and is beginning to get into a routine with his homework too. Best of all, last lesson on Monday was a surf lesson! Ok,...


Schools Concert

We had an entertaining evening at a Ceredigion schools concert in the Arts Centre in Aberystwyth last night. It was three concerts in one really. Windband Schools Concert First up was the Wind Band in which Morgan was playing. We even had to join in with some audience participation during the 1812 overture using paper...

School Trip 3

School Trip

On Friday we went on a school trip into Aberystwyth. We went to the museum and onto the prom. Here’s the photos school posted to Twitter from our day out.

Hurling 1

School Ireland Visit – Day 2

Day 2 we went to a school that our school was paired with. When we woke up we had to work our who was having a shower when, we decided last night that all the Year 6s have their showers in the evening and the Year 5s had their’s in the morning. I was second...

Morgan as a Clown 0

School Fete – The Circus

It was Morgans School Fete yetserday and the theme was ‘The Circus’. Thankfully the rain held off and we all had fun. Morgan went dressed as a clown wearing a home made bow-tie, my shorts, my shoes, a red nose and a clowns hat which looked pretty good. We all raised lots of money for...