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Trekking in the High Atlas of Morocco – A Mount Toubkal mini-Adventure

Wow! I don’t say wow very often, but ‘Wow’, what a weekend that was! A crazy weekend in Morocco visiting the markets of Marrakech and magnificent mountains of the High Atlas, with a sunrise summit of the highest peak, Mount Toubkal, at 4167m. Things started fairly frantically on Thursday afternoon while Anna was heading back...

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Llyn Geirionydd in the Sunshine 0

Kayaking and Camping at Llyn Geirionydd

It would have been nice to continue my Coast Path Run on Saturday, but the Colwyn Bay Blast had finished my legs off for the day so there was to be none of that running malarkey. I’d been invited to join the Dyffryn Conwy Paddlers on Sunday though for a kayaking session at Llyn Geirionydd in...

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First View of Nguaruhoe 2

Volcanic Runs, Lake Taupo and Hot River Bathing – New Zealand Day 15

Day 15 of our trip to New Zealand started early for me – There’s nothing unusual there, most days start early for me and when in such a beautiful place I want to make the most of it by grabbing every hour that I can. I started off by going out for a run whilst...

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Tuatara 0

Kiwis, Caves and Snow-Capped Volcanoes – New Zealand Day 14

It’s Monday and we are still having the holiday of a lifetime in New Zealand. We awake to a damp drizzly day in Otorohanga, have a shower and breakfast in Camp Kiwi and then take the 30 second walk to the Kiwi House. The Kiwi House We are the first ones in and are treated...

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