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Free Electricity

We’ve been a little obsessed with our electricity usage lately. All prompted by the fact that we’ve had solar panels and battery storage installed. This came with the ability to track our usage a little easier and I built a nice addition to this website that shows how our solar panels are performing. I added...

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Driving through an Advert

Our first proper drive in our new car yesterday was like driving through an advert. Winding Welsh roads, leaves blowing in the wind, driving rain, splashing through pools of standing water and stunning welsh countryside. There was even a medieval castle. Meanwhile we were warm and comfortable as we glided along almost silently in our...

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Going all in on Electric

We’ve been ‘all electric’ at home since we built the house almost 20 years ago. There’s no mains gas and we didn’t have an oil tank so our energy has been all-electric. It’s worked well, but we’ve always wanted to be generating our own electricity really. We did look into have photo-voltaic tiles on the...