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Crazy Caterpillars

Check out these Crazy Caterpillars. This leaf is obviously very tasty. There were no caterpillars elsewhere on the tree, they were just all on this single leaf!

Web-like caterpillar nest 2

Caterpillar Nest

The caterpillars are back, creating their weblike nests in the trees. This year they are in a Willow tree rather than the hawthorn at the moment, but once again I think they are the caterpillar of the Lackey Moth. Morgan discovered them this year and took this photo to show me.

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Garden Updates

Things are coming on well in the garden. The spring flowers are still out but are fading. The Marsh Marigolds have almost finished, the Bluebells will soon follow them. The Forget-me-Nots are still in full bloom though and providing a lovely haze of blue around the garden.. Everything else seems to be doing well though...

Caterpillar Nest 6

Caterpillar Invasion

We have thousands of caterpillars here again this year. We had quite a few last year on one of the willows at the bottom of the garden, but this year we have several collections of them on both willow and hawthorn. The build a little nest of silk and feed on these plants. As a...


Caterpillars in the dunes

A fairly non-descript day here today. Not enough wind for windsurfing, no surf, a little grey in the hills (although a bike ride may be on for later in the day) so Morgan and I wandered across to the dunes to chill out. There wasn’t much happening there either, but we did see some funky...