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Family visits 0

Family visits

Living out here in the sticks does mean that we don’t necessarily see various members of our family as often as we would otherwise. However, living by the sea does mean that as soon as the sun comes out and the weather warms up they suddenly all want to visit us!! My parents were here...

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Armed Police Raid in Borth 0

Armed Police Raid in Borth

It’s not often that anything news-worthy happens around here, but there was an armed police raid in Borth last night. We knew nothing of it but apparently there were around 20 police officers including dog handlers, polic in full riot gear and even some armed police called to a house in Borth to arrest a...

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A day in Tywyn 0

A day in Tywyn

We had another action packed weekend here in West Wales. I had an early start on Saturday as Ivor (the local katabatic wind that blows down the Dyfi Valley at this time of year) was up to his tricks and Impi called around for a windsurf session at 6am. We headed off to the estuary...

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Borth Summer Time 0

Borth Summer Time

British Summer Time (BST) is here and it seems as though it has brought Summer with it. Yesterday was lovely here in Borth, Wales. The sun was shining and Ivor, our local katabatic wind, put in an appearance so I could go windsurfing in the estuary at Ynyslas. Ivor wasn’t quite up to full strength...

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Mother’s Day Outing 0

Mother’s Day Outing

After having a great days windsurfing on Saturday I thought it only fair that I resist the temptation to go windsurfing again on Sunday, (despite the fact that the Borth and Ynyslas Weather Station showed a max gust speed of 49.7 knots), and have a family day out instead… Well, it was Mother’s Day. So,...

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First to Find geocache on Watery Wales 2 0

First to Find geocache on Watery Wales 2

Just a quick congratulations for ttTom (Tom and Shirl) for getting the first to find on all 5 new geocaches that I hid at the weekend in the Watery Wales 2 series. Also, a congratulations to Gwyddno who followed them around closely and got the second to find on all 5 caches. It sounds as...

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Dinner at the Wildfowler 0

Dinner at the Wildfowler

Following a nice day of activities hiding geocaches and then windsurfing on Sunday, Anna, Morgan and I all headed off to the Wildfowler in Tre-r-Ddol for dinner. Two meals for the price of one and it was really nice. Best of all my pint of blackcurrant and lemonade (I was driving!) on cost 35p!!

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Watery Wales 2 Geocaches 3

Watery Wales 2 Geocaches

Its been a few weeks since I’ve done any geocaching, but Sunday was a good day in the Welsh hills followed by a quick windsurf session on the beach at Borth. Steve and I headed off in the morning to hide some new geocaches. We drove up the mountain road from Tal-y-Bont towards Nant-y-Moch (and...

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