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A Busy Day in Wales

We had a busy day here in Wales on Friday. Anna had the day off work and I decided to join her. It wasn’t an official day off for me as I usually work for the University on Wednesday to Friday. I say ‘for’ rather than ‘at’ because that’s the case these days. However, I...


Post ‘Our Giro’ Ramp Test

Having had a few relatively restful days after 3 weeks of riding a mini virtual grand tour, I thought it was time to test my FTP with a ramp test. As usual I calibrated everything, checked tyre pressures and got down to it. It’s never easy but kind of satisfying to do. The results weren’t...


A Sunny Lockdown Surf Ski

I could get used to lockdown now that those who don’t need to travel to get to there are allowed back in the sea. And with conditions like this where else would you rather be?


DIY Dilemma’s

Nothing is ever easy is it? I was getting on well with the laminate flooring project that I’d undertaken during lockdown. Everything had gone well and it was looking good. We’d bought an extra box of laminate just in case I cut any bits wrongly and Anna had ordered more than enough of the scotia...


How Can You Make Your House Feel More Luxurious?

Source: PickPik There may be times when you walk around your home and wonder to yourself, is this house as luxurious as it could be? You may have put a lot of work into creating the best abode you possibly can on a modest budget, but keeping it modern and up to date is a continuous...


Covid-19 and Working From Home

As you may have gathered from my previous post, Anna and I are currently working from home. We haven’t been forced to, but the University has asked us to work from home as much as possible. This seems like a sensible idea in an effort to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. In fact...


Covid-19, Stopping the Spread

These are strange times indeed. Worrying times too. Everything seems to be dominated by Corona Virus news and the ever increasing threat of Covid-19. Our daily lives are being affected by it in ever increasing ways. Working from home seems likely to be the norm for many for some time come. Self-isolation, social distancing and...


Covid-19 Coronavirus, Panic Buying and Self Isolation

I thought it was time to write a blog post about the Covid-19 Coronavirus if only so that if we are ever reading back about what was going on at this time in our lives we’ll have a record of what is by far the biggest news story at the moment. Things are changing on...


What’s the best way to get around on holiday?

A lot of people like to take their own car on holiday, instead of hopping on a plane. Others, however, prefer to wait until they’ve arrived before hiring a car. Is one way cheaper than the other, though? Or is there an alternative? Take your own car Some people will come back from holiday claiming...


Kilimanjaro Trek – Getting there.

After much anticipation the day to head off for my Kilimanjaro Trek adventure finally arrived. As usual I was organised and had plenty of time in hand. In fact I was pretty much a whole day early, which even by my standards is a little excessive. With a day in hand I did a little...