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Swimming and Socialising 0

Swimming and Socialising

Bank Holiday Monday was a gorgeous day with wall to wall sunshine and temperatures reaching 24°C. Summer was here, and the tourist had flocked here too. I had a relaxed start to the day and then met some members of the Aberystwyth Aquanuts for a leisurely swim from Borth. We swam out to the Camels...

Making money online – lessons from lockdowns 0

Making money online – lessons from lockdowns

Instead of wasting your time doom scrolling through social media when bars, restaurants, and several shops are closed, why not put it to good use and earn some extra cash? These are some of the cheapest and easiest ways to make some extra money without leaving your house, from renting out your driveway to proofreading...

Airborne 0


It’s only going to be short-lived, but it was summertime here at Ynyslas today. It was pretty chilly to start with which was ideal as I had a run session to do. I therefore got that in before it warmed up. It was nothing too exciting, just a run towards Tre Ddol and back with...

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Family Photos in the Garden

There’s very little happening here at the moment. Just the usual. We are working and schooling from home – although Morgan does go back to school for real next week. We’ve pretty much exhausted all of the possible walks from home. Fortunately, living on the coast does mean that the scenery changes daily so walking...


Repairable Shoes from Sidi

Despite the current environmental worries and some push back against the disposable society that we live in, it it still often difficult to justify repairing modern items. It’s often cheaper to replace them. Especially as replacement often results in an upgrade at the same time. Many things simply aren’t made to be easily repairable. Not...


The best health and fitness gadgets in 2021

As a society, we have certainly become a lot more health-conscious these days. There is certainly no shortage of information around health and fitness in 2021, enabling people to manage their all-around health a lot more easily and seek new ideas and inspiration as and when they need it.  Another huge factor behind the increased awareness...


Coldest Day of the Year

Well, the last day of 2020 was also the coldest day of the year. Coldest Day of the year The Borth and Ynyslas Weather Station on this site recorded a minimum temperature of -2.9ºC. Not that cold in the grand scheme of things, but it was the coldest day of the year. Presumably last January...


A Covid-Secure Christmas

2020 has been an odd year and for many a Covid-secure Christmas was going to be much quieter than usual. Not so for us as we usually spend it at home with just the three of us. So, the various coronavirus precautions, lock-downs and tiered restrictions didn’t really change our Christmas plans. Just the three...


A Benefit of being 50!

There aren’t many plus sides to having reached the BIG 5-0. There is however one that I had been waiting for. Today I got confirmation of the fact in the post. To lay the foundations of the story, many years ago when I was a student I had to take out a student loan. Nothing...


World Map Completed

As promised, here’s a photo of the 3D Woden World Map now that I’ve completed it. There are a few more airplanes and boats that I could add but I think I’ll leave it as it is so that it doesn’t get too busy. It complements the Weather Clock perfectly in our hall.