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Bank Holiday SUP Surfing

Just a few of the waves from my SUP surf session on Bank Holiday Monday morning. Not a soul in the water here at Ynyslas other than me. Lovely mellow waves to start with then got a bit bigger towards the end so that I could charge down a few steeper faces.

Playing in the Sea 1

Playing in the Sea

The air temperatures may be all over the place, but that doesn’t stop me from playing in the sea. According to the Borth and Ynyslas Weather Station in our back garden, the temperature so far in April has soared to 19°C on the 8th, a lovely temperature for any time of year here on the coast....

Snow in Machynlleth 0

Snow and Surf in West Wales

Snow and Surf in one day here in West Wales. I love it when that happens. I was a little surprised to see the snow this morning though as I made my way to Machynlleth for a morning run followed by a swim, and it was still there as I left to had back to...

Ynyslas Beach 0

SUP Surfing in December

It seems that no matter what the weather there is always something to do here in Mid West Wales. After a week of wind and plenty of windsurfing, the wind has dropped and I headed out on my bike. I missed a surf session whilst on my bike, but since then the surf has continued to...

Making his way out through the whitewater 0

Surf School

Morgan’s second week at Senior School this week and all seems to be going well. He loves getting the bus to and from school, seems to be enjoying the school work and is beginning to get into a routine with his homework too. Best of all, last lesson on Monday was a surf lesson! Ok,...


Swell SUP Surfing

Impatient Al… Yep, that’s me. The surf was looking amazing on Wednesday afternoon but I had to wait for Morgan to get home before I could get in the sea. In the end I met him from the bus on my bike so that I could give him a ‘backie’ home. It was quicker than walking...


Summer Fun

More summer fun at Ynyslas as the summer starts to come to a close. A nice long walk first thing in the morning as the sun rose. Followed by A SUP Surf and some more tandem surfing with Morgan – So much fun! After a little bit of pottering in the garden and the shed...


Tandem Surfing

Seeing as my Mum was worried that I didn’t do anything strenuous on Saturday morning – other than moth trapping, beekeeping and geocaching – I thought I’d better make up for it. Windsurfing I did get out windsurfing in the estuary on Saturday afternoon. The wind was a little flukey but was gusting up to 28 knots....

Surf School 0

Surfing with the Scouts

We had fun on Friday evening surfing with the Scout thanks to Kwame at Walkin’ on Water. It was a nice relaxed Scout session for us. Anna was on the beach watching and I got to play in the surf. Larry was helping out as well. It wasn’t the best surf conditions with a small,...

Mellow Surf 0

Mellow SUP Surf

Just a short video clip and a frame grab from what has to have been one of the mellowest surf sessions ever on Tuesday afternoon.