Double Dipping and Destruction

That’s more like it – Saturday was a double dip day!


I started off with a nice surf in Borth. The sun was shining, well it was when it wasn’t absolutely hammering it down!. The waves were good too and I had a new board to try out. I caught some nice waves and had a fun time in the sea. Alistair joined me but didn’t quite make it out the back, but there were plenty of other surfers our there that I knew. The board I was trying out certainly made life for this old dog a little easier too. I might just have to buy it.

We were waiting for the wind to fill in really so after the surf Alistair and I took a look on the beach at Ynyslas. There still wasn’t enough wind so Alistair headed home and I had some lunch.


The wind then made an appearance so it was back to the beach with my windsurfing kit. Alistair drove back out and Diane and Chris met us on the beach too. It was perfect 5m weather with the sun shining and some nice waves. Good fun was had by all. Here’s a few short video clips.

Sunday was good too. A little windier and better waves but no sunshine.


All was going well but the wrecking machine at Ynyslas soon destroyed Chris’s 4.5m sail. I waited on the beach while he rigged a 5m and then we got back on the water. It wasn’t long before the wrecking machine struck again, this time destroying my 5m sail! Maybe I won’t be buying that new surfboard after all as I need a couple of new sails instead.

Here’s a few more clips from the slightly better conditions on Sunday. Although to the untrained eye the grey seas and cloudy skies probably don’t look quite as good as the green seas and blue skies from Saturday!

You can’t beat some double dipping on Saturday followed by top notch conditions on Sunday.

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