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Winter Riding 0

Getting Ready for Winter

It’s been pretty dry here for the last week, but winter is coming and I’m fed up of getting eyes full of mud when I go out riding so it was time to fit some mudguards to my bike. Colour coordinated Crud Fast Fender, Crud catcher and a rear mudguard all fitted and ready for...

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Me - Still Smiling 1

Bristol Bikefest Photo Assignment

I’m signed up to do the afternoon 4 hour race at the Bristol Bikefest (Oktoberfest) in Ashton Court this weekend, but I intend to get there early and take some photos of the morning events. I haven’t done any such photo assignments this year as I’ve been competing in the events myself, but last year...

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Turbo Trainer Workouts – Recovery 1

Turbo Trainer Workouts – Recovery

Everyone who does any physical training should know the importance of rest. Many of us however get too tied up in the actual training and forget about the rest component. The who idea behind super-compensation training is that you stress your body during hard training bouts, damage muscle tissue and such like and then during...

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Bristol BikeFest 3

Bristol BikeFest

I thought my ‘racing season’ was over for the year but I’ve been talked into one final event on October 16th in Ashton Court, Bristol. The OktoberFest, part of the Bristol Bikefest series of races consists of several races, you can pick from one of two 4 hours events or the 8 hour event. I’ve...

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Marin MTB Trail, North Wales 0

Marin MTB Trail, North Wales

No one managed to make the Ystwyth-MTB end of month last weekend so John and I rescheduled and headed off to North Wales this weekend. The original plan was to make the most of the better weather and go on Saturday, but John had to re-arrange so we headed off on Sunday in the pouring...

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Fewer Kinks 1

Bike Maintenance – Re-routing gear cables

The rear gears on my Commencal haven’t been great for a while now. There’s been quite a bit of friction on downshifts and changing up through the gears has been a nightmare. Basically the cable hasn’t been slipping though on its own and I’ve been having to reach down and actually give the bare cable...

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A Dark, Cold, Wet, Muddy Night in the Hills 0

A Dark, Cold, Wet, Muddy Night in the Hills

Autumn is definitely here and for the first time in ages we had a proper Ystwyth-MTB night ride. I haven’t been out on my Mountain Bike much lately because I cracked the frame and then had to rebuild it and then just haven’t had the chance. Dave has been out quite a bit on his...

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Getting Slower – Review your Training! 0

Getting Slower – Review your Training!

I went for a ride around the Pendam Trail at Nant yr Arian yesterday. I was on my hardtail as I’ve yet to get a seatpost for my newly rebuilt Commencal Meta 5. I started off at a steady pace in perfect conditions, sunny, cool and barely any wind. By the time I got to...

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Leaving Liverpool behind 0

Trip to the Isle of Man

As you can tell from recent posts our annual trip to the Isle of Man was a success. We drove from home to Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon and as usual arrived a couple of hours early for the boat so wandered around the newly refurbished dock front. It is much nicer than it used to...

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New Frame 2

Bike Build

After cracks appeared in my Commencal Frame a few weeks ago, I’ve now got a brand new 2010 Meta 5.5 Frame  from Commencal. It’s a different colour and a slightly different model but hopefully this one won’t crack. I was expecting the stripping down of the old frame and the rebuilding of all the bits...

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Isle of Man E2E 2010 0

Isle of Man End2End 2010 Photos

I wasn’t able to take photos of the Isle of Man End2End as I was competing in it (read my race report here). However, Anna and Morgan were out at various points on the course to support and whilst they were there they took a load of photos – They may well have managed a...

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