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Leaving Liverpool behind 0

Trip to the Isle of Man

As you can tell from recent posts our annual trip to the Isle of Man was a success. We drove from home to Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon and as usual arrived a couple of hours early for the boat so wandered around the newly refurbished dock front. It is much nicer than it used to...

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New Frame 2

Bike Build

After cracks appeared in my Commencal Frame a few weeks ago, I’ve now got a brand new 2010 Meta 5.5 Frame  from Commencal. It’s a different colour and a slightly different model but hopefully this one won’t crack. I was expecting the stripping down of the old frame and the rebuilding of all the bits...

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Isle of Man E2E 2010 0

Isle of Man End2End 2010 Photos

I wasn’t able to take photos of the Isle of Man End2End as I was competing in it (read my race report here). However, Anna and Morgan were out at various points on the course to support and whilst they were there they took a load of photos – They may well have managed a...

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Isle of Man End2End Route 0

Isle of Man End2End Route

Just thought I’d post my GPS route up from Sundays Isle of Man End2End. Not the fastest of times, but I had a great day out cycling from one end of the Isle of Man to the other along with 1400 other people. Click here for my full Isle of Man End2End race report.

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Out on the Hardtail 0

Out on the Hardtail

I’m waiting to hear from Commencal and Madison about the warranty claim on my cracked Commencal Meta 5.5. Madison have said they will raise a warranty claim with Commencal but that was 10 days ago and I’ve yet to hear back. It doesn’t look as though I’m going to get it sorted in time for...

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Isle of Man End 2 End Preparations 0

Isle of Man End 2 End Preparations

It’s not long to go until the Isle of Man End 2 End Mountain Bike challenge (I’m calling it a challenge, not a race!) and as is customary I don’t feel at all ready! 1. I haven’t done many long rides. I did do one on Sunday but it was only 36 miles as opposed...

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A Ride around the Syfyddrin Trail 2

A Ride around the Syfyddrin Trail

I’ve just got back from a nice Mountain Bike ride around the Syfyddrin Trail at Nant yr Arian. After a little ride around Llyn Blaenmelindwr with Morgan and a picnic at Pendam I left Anna and Morgan to go blueberry picking and headed off for a ride in the sunshine. The weather was perfect, warm...

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Cracks in rear swing-arm brace 21

Commencal Crack – Paint or Frame?

Whilst cleaning my 2009 Commencal Meta 5.5 bike lately I’ve noticed some cracks in a odd place on the frame. The cracks appear to be radiating out from a drainage whole on a brace between the two sides of the main rear swing-arm. I’ve circled the drainage hole in the image below. I’m not sure...

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Ride around Nant yr Arian 0

Ride around Nant yr Arian

Following yesterdays Beekeepers meeting I rode up to Nant yr Arian for a mountain bike ride. I started at Capel Madoc which wasn’t quite as far up the hill as I had thought, so the climb up to Banc y Darren and the top of the ‘Mark of Zoro’ was longer than I thought. I...

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Artists Valley and Beyond 0

Artists Valley and Beyond

I gave myself most of the day off yesterday as Steve was heading to Wales and wanted to go for a longish bike ride. We did the Artists Valley and beyond loop that I did a few weeks ago. Now, I’ve lost a bit of weight since then and have probably improved my fitness a...

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