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Moth Trapping Meeting 3

Moth Trapping Meeting

We had a Ceredigion Moth Group Meeting this weekend. In total we set up 7 traps in the hills above Talybont and then went through them on Saturday morning. Morgan and couldn’t stay long but we had time to go through the contents of our trap which contained about 23 different species, a few of...

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The Birds and the Bees – And Moths too 0

The Birds and the Bees – And Moths too

Looks as though we’re going to be having another naturalists weekend this weekend. First there’s a meeting of the Ceredigion Moth Group so I have to set my moth trap up on Friday night and then go back to it for an early morning meeting with the other members and go through the contents of...

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Antler Moth 0

Ceredigion Moths – A Varied Catch

The weather wasn’t great for moth trapping on Saturday night. It was raining when I put the trap out and then the wind picked up with gusts to 31.6 knots and average wind speed around 20-25 knots for most of the night. The temperature dropped to 13.8ºC, but there was still quite a varied catch...

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Small Copper Butterfly 0


There seem to be loads of butterflies around this year – I’m not sure if it’s just a case of me noticing them more, the fact that the garden is growing well so more are in the garden or that its a good year for them, but here’s a Small Copper that I spotted whilst...

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Barred Yellow Moth 0

Moths from Ynyslas

Another good night for the moth trap last night. The weather was still, a little overcast and temperatures only dropped to 10.6ºC. In the trap this orning were 108 moths from 29 different species, which included 4 new garden records. 2x Scarce Footman* 1x Small Magpie 26 x Lackey 3x Wormwood Pug 2x Garden Tiger...

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Extreme Bird Watching – Gannets and Manx Shearwaters 0

Extreme Bird Watching – Gannets and Manx Shearwaters

I had a great windsurf session yesterday when the wind picked up without warning. I’d just been for a bike ride and when I got back the wind filled in beautifully so I headed across to the beach with my kit. It was windy enough for a 5m sail and my wave board so I...

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Silky Wainscot Moth 0

Silky Wainscot

We had a couple of fairly standard nights in the Moth trap over the weekend. Saturday had the most moths in the trap and included a new on to me, the Silky Wainscot – Not rare in the county, but not common either just just a smattering of records. The full list from Saturday night...

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