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GoPro Mounting Accessories 3

GoPro Mounting Accessories

If you haven’t already noticed, I had a new GoPro Hero 4 Silver for Christmas, complete with lots of GoPro mounting accessories. I also had plenty of GoPro mounting accessories leftover from my previous GoPro camera. What I didn’t have was somewhere to keep them all, but Morgan had a nice silver carry case that...

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Let it Snow…

We didn’t get huge amounts of snow here, but it did start snowing quite heavily whilst Morgan and I were out Mountain Biking yesterday at Pendam. Once we’d finished biking and got into the car it came down really heavily again so Morgan took a quick video clip of the snowstorm as I drove along...

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Sunset reflected in car 0

You Can’t Beat a Good Sunset

You simply can’t beat a good sunset, especially on a short chilly November day. It even makes my less than exciting car look good! It’s just a shame about the telegraph pole… I wonder how much it costs to get them to put the cables underground?

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Bryn Cader Faner 0

Bryn Cader Faner Photo

I didn’t have a decent camera with me yesterday so I thought I’d enhance one of my photos of Bryn Cader Faner with the help of Photoshop. That’s better, more dramatic, atmospheric and befitting of a Bronze Age site.

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Honey Bee on Verbena 0

Honey Bee Photo

For some reason, depsite the flowers on offer, our honey bees are rarley seen foraging in our garden. It’s nice when we do see them though and a good opportunity to snap them in action. I quite like this shot of one of them feeding on some Verbena.

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Counting Butterflies 1

Big Butterfly Count

Morgan and I have just taken part in the Big Butterfly Count. It was a gorgeous day for it, 20ºC and sunny with butterflies and other flying bugs all over the place. It was hard to keep up with them all, but we counted 16 Meadow Browns, 3 Small Tortoisehsell’s and a Small White. It was easy to...

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