Dyfi Osprey Project

Sunday was a fairly non-descript day here. Cloudy, kind of grey with a gentle breeze and mild temperatures.

A 5km PB

I started the day with a 5km run. Building on my post heart attack 5km PB last week I started it at slightly better pace today and just kept it up. Last weeks ‘PB’ was 25:47, I got that down to 24:08 this week. That’ll probably do for now though as I’ll have to actually put in some effort to get it much lower. So, I think it’s time to increase the distance and duration for a while rather than increase the speed and intensity. All in the name of keeping my heart healthy.

I guess a sub 25 minute 5km time isn’t too bad really, especially considering the circumstances and the fact that I’m on a cocktail of performance-inhibiting drugs.

Dyfi Osprey Project

Anna and I then headed off to the Dyfi Osprey Project which is just a few miles along the Dyfi Valley. I did have a shower first of course! We hadn’t visited the Dyfi Osprey Project since they’d built the new welcome centre so it was time to change that. We were only there for lunch really but paid the £3 entry fee for a stroll through the reserve as well.

Most interesting to us though was the two Tesla Powerwall batteries and solar panel array they had installed at the welcome centre building. We’re about to get solar panels and a battery installed ourselves so have been researching the options. We can’t afford the Tesla batteries but they did look good. The system they have installed here is supposed to generate 9 time more electricity than they use. We aren’t going to quite that extreme to start with though. If we can generate half of what we use that’ll be a good start.

The walk through the reserve wasn’t that interesting. I’ve said it before but they really should make a circular walk available as the linear walk to the Osprey observation tower and back isn’t that exciting. The Ospreys themselves are back in Africa at the moment so the observation tower was closed. The walk is along a raised boardwalk through high reeds. There is a bird hide along the way overlooking a little lake and also a Beaver enclosure. It was a nice quiet stroll before lunch.

Lunch back at the welcome building was nice too. We sat on a pew at the window watching the world go by. There wasn’t much happening to be honest.

Lunch at the Dyfi Osprey Project
Lunch at the Dyfi Osprey Project

A nice trip out though and then time to chill for the rest of the day.

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