Easter Weekend Winds

That was a nice Easter Weekend. I had a bit of a sore back so took things easy, not much real training therefore but the odd windsurf, some surf skiing and some work in the garden too.

Strong NE’s

It started with Ivor, out katabatic wind doing his thing. That means crazy winds and mad chop in the estuary. I went out initially with a 5m sail but that was way too much. I changed down to a 4.5m sail but even that was too much. Alastair joined me on his 4m sail but we could both have done with something smaller. It was good to be out, but not exactly fun sailing out there. More of a challenge than a fun sail really!

An Easter Weekend Paddle up the Estuary

Easter Sunday was a sunny, calm day so I headed off for my favourite paddle. It;s not the same now that Morgan is older and we don’t have to do an Easter Bunny Egg Hunt.

Calm Seas
Calm Seas

I follow the tides up the Dyfi, stop for lunch on the banks of the river and then come back downstream with the outgoing tide.

The winds made their presence felt once again on the way back. Quite a strong headwind picked up making it hard work. The tide helped of course and I made good progress but it was much harder into the wind.

Morgan was at least finally out of bed by the time I got back so we were able to make a start on the piles if Easter Chocolate.

 Easter Chocolates
Easter Chocolates

Easter Weekend – Ballistic Monday

Easter Monday was a nice sunny day too but temperatures had plummeted. Air temperatures were down to 6°C and there was a strong Northerly wind. It didn’t seem too windy on the beach so I rigged my 5m. However as I walked down the beach it picked up and kept doing so. I knew it would be too windy for my 5m sail. I had one go to confirm this but came straight back in to get my 4.5m sail.

Even that was quite a handful. Winds were now 40 knots on the water and probably touched 50 at times. I held on to my 4.5m and had a good session totally maxed out. Michelle joined me on the water with his kite. As he did so the wind eased and before long I was having trouble staying up wind.

I could have changed back up but decided to head home and eat mote chocolate instead. Followed by a nice alternative bacon and eggs fry up for dinner.

A Return to Winter

The Easter weekend was over so it was back to work to a certain extent on Tuesday. We do have the whole week booked off really but I had a client to visit so had to do that first thing. The weather had taken quite a turn and winter was well and truly back in control. It was snowing heavily at times, temperatures were struggling and there was some quite deep snow lying in the hills. In fact, that’s how it is now as I write this blog post. I’m trying to motivate myself to go out for a run!

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