16 Already! Happy Birthday Morgan

Who’d have thought it, Morgan is 16 already. How did that happen?

It wasn’t the most of exciting birthdays for him as we were in lockdown and therefore at home all day long. He was also in school lessons most of the day. He did allow us to wake him up a little earlier than usual. Not early by any stretch of the imagination but 8am rather a couple of minutes before he has to login for school at 9am!

He opened his presents and then logged in for school.

As a bit of a treat we had cakes in the form of a variety of cupcakes made professionally for him. We thought it would make a change from a home-made cake.

16 Birthday Cupcakes
16 Birthday Cupcakes

Morgan’s request for his birthday dinner was a roast dinner so Anna’s rustled up a roast chicken. We did treat him with chicken and veggies from M&S though.

Other than that Morgan turning 16 came and went without too much fuss. I imagine Morgan was secretly pleased that we couldn’t do anything more than that really!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Emily says:

    Wow! Happy birthday to Morgan. I am looking forward to my little boy being so grown up one day. The cakes look great.

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