A Snowy Surf Ski

I’ve not long got back from a nice Sunday morning snowy surf ski. We did have some snow here this morning, but only a light covering and it didn’t last long. There is of course plenty in the hills. Unfortunately the hills are just a little too far away to get to without driving. Driving isn’t allowed due to the current lockdown restrictions. That of course meant that I wasn’t able to go out into the hills to walk and play in the snow.

Fortunately there was quite a nice little wave rolling onto the beach. With an offshore wind holding them up it looked perfect for a chilly, snowy surf ski session.

I was soon on the beach and paddling out into the mini-barrels that were peeling perfectly towards the shore. Things were a little grey and very cold looking but once on the water it was fine.

I headed down the beach a little catching wave after wave as I went. There were a few people out surfing, one of whom was John. So, I stopped to say hello for a while and then continued on my way.

I had about an hour out in the waves altogether followed by a snowy, slushy walk home for brunch. Mmm, bacon rolls and a nice cup of tea!

I think I’ll warm up a little before heading out for a run this afternoon. I don’t think there will any snow left here by then but at least I got out for snowy surf ski session this morning.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum x says:

    You’re nuts …brunch sounded nice though thats more like my past time during lockdown x

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