A Benefit of being 50!

There aren’t many plus sides to having reached the BIG 5-0. There is however one that I had been waiting for. Today I got confirmation of the fact in the post.

To lay the foundations of the story, many years ago when I was a student I had to take out a student loan. Nothing odd there as we all had to do it. As with all student loans you don’t start paying it back until you are earning enough money to do so. In my case that meant that at the current threshold I would have to pay it back if I was earning more than £1,615 a month before tax. Obviously that threshold has increased in line with inflation so would have been quite a bit lower when I first left University.

However, in my case I’ve never earned anywhere near that much a month so have never had to start paying it back. Better still, the conditions of the loan have always been that it will get written off 25 years after graduation or when the borrower turns 50. Having hit the big 5-0 last week I got a letter in the post today saying that my loan has been cancelled.

It may have taken 23 years of low income to achieve, but I’ve finally had my student loan written off. I suppose that does mean that I now have no excuses for not getting a ‘proper’ (full-time) job with a better salary. Although, doing so at my age may be a little too much of a shock to the system!

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Debbie says:

    I like your style and I know Helen has lived her life by the same rule!

    Good luck finding your first proper job! …I hope you earn a mint and make the most of your new found wealth!! ?

  2. Avatar forComment Author Emily says:

    Nice one! Happy belated birthday ?

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