Sociable Training

I was quite sociable last week. I usually do pretty much all of my training on my own. I find it quicker to do, easier to fit into my schedule and probably more productive too.

However, there’s no real focus to my training at the moment. I’m just training and racing for the fun of it. I’m not working towards anything in particular so have been out training with others for a change. Two early morning pre-work open water sea swims with the Aberystwyth Aquanuts on Wednesday and Friday.

A lunch time run on Friday with Jo from work.

And a club ride with Ystwyth CC on Sunday.

It has to be said that none of them were that sociable. It’s difficult to be sociable whilst swimming for a start and on a Friday there was only two of us in the sea. There weren’t many of us on the club bike ride either. Once again it was just the two of us but that’s still twice as many people as I’m used to!

There was of course several other runs, swims, turbo trainer sessions and surf ski paddles over the week that were on my own as usual but it’s nice to mix it up a little.

A Week of Training

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