Surf Ski Repair

Well, that was a nice quick turn around – I should be back on the water in my surf ski now.

After further inspection, the crack in my surf ski didn’t seem quite as bad as it first looked. It was only superficial damage to the gel coat, but I thought I’d get it checked out and repaired professionally anyway. After a few recommendations I phoned Chris at Design Composites in Swansea. He quoted a fair price for the repair and was also willing to meet me on a Sunday so that I could drop it off with him. We were travelling past Swansea on our way from the Festival of Light at Longleat to the Pembrey Country Park for the last round of the Welsh Cyclocross Series so dropping it off as we passed was ideal.

We then left it with him, and a few days later I had a message to say it was ready to collect. It had been an easy job so the price was even less than we’d expected – much less in fact. I won’t say just how little it was as Chris might not do such a good price for everyone, but I did buy him some freshly baked cookies as a thank-you. I’m sure he’s well aware of the fact that I’ll be back for more at some point so he’ll no doubt get plenty of business from me – I do after all use my toys quite a bit. Repairs are all part of the process.

I drove to Swansea and back on Thursday to collect it so it is now back with me ready to be used.

You can see the repair if you look closely but it’s matched in fairly well.

Typically I haven’t had chance to get out on it as I’ve had some sort of man-flu lurgy all week. I think I was coming down with it last week as I had a sore throat and felt ill last Friday and then had no oompf in my race on Sunday. It hit with a vengeance on Monday though and ever since I’ve been grumping around the house unable to do anything. Quite a waste really as I’d taken this week off work so as to use up my remaining annual leave and so that I could have a good week of training before Christmas. That hasn’t happened. I’ve wasted my annual leave and have barely moved from the sofa.

Let’s hope I can try my repaired surf ski out properly over the Christmas Break.

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  1. Mum x says:

    Obviously an honest man, as he could have charged you a lot more really, worth using him again ..enjoy

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