Clear Waters & Clear Skies

The 2018 Heatwave continues and the week has been full of days in the sea and out in the hills. The weather was a little more bearable last week with temperatures only into the mid 20’s rather than the 30’s. The beach has been as gorgeous as ever and mid-week it’s possible to have it to ourselves.

The waters are clear and warm. Stopping off at secret beaches on paddling trips the sea is too warm to cool off in. The buoys are giving readings of around 16ºC for the sea temperature but close to shore it feels more like it’s in the mid 20’s. It’s the warmest I’ve ever felt it and it’s lovely.

Clear Waters

Clear Waters

The lack of rain has turned Ynyslas into a world of browns and yellows that resembles a savannah and there is an extreme fire risk at the moment. Elsewhere there have been grass fires and huge plumes of smoke filling the air.

Fire Risk

Fire Risk

Away from the beach the hills have been ripe for exploring, Rivers have been reduced to trickling stream but the views are glorious as ever.

Bike Rides, Beach Days, Barbecues and Beers – We’re loving it!

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