Young Driver

It’s hard to decide what to get people as birthday presents these days and Morgan is never very helpful on that front either – he obviously has everything he wants! Anna had a good idea for him this year, Young Driver driving lessons. Experiences such as this are always good presents for people who have everything. And so, Granny (Anna’s Mum) bought him an hours worth of Young Driver Experience vouchers.

Young Driver

The Young Driver company offer driving lessons for 11-17 year olds in various places around the country. Finding a suitable date and a suitable location where there was availability was a little difficult but in the end we booked Morgan in for a half hour lesson last weekend in Chester. We thought that maybe an hour lesson would be a little too much and we wanted him to enjoy it rather than for it to feel like an actual lesson. Two half hour sessions seemed the way to go.

We therefore planned a day in Chester (or just outside to be exact). It’s a 2 hour drive for us and Morgan’s lesson was booked for 11:30am so we headed up in a relaxed fashion. I even manged to fit in a turbo trainer session before we left. The lesson itself was taking place in a Makro Car Park. The Young Driver company cordon off half the car park. They set up various junctions and a driving route in the car park and then had about 6 cars out driving on it for each lesson. They also had a double decker bus where registration and such like took place. Anna and I were able to sit upstairs on the double decker overlooking the car park to see the ‘action’.

It all went pretty smoothly and Morgan was soon driving around the course in his little Vauxhall Corsa. We couldn’t tell how much input the instructor was having on proceedings and the cars are of course dual-control but Morgan seemed to be doing OK. he seemed to enjoy it too. He was soon doing various manoeuvres, reversing and even reverse parking come the end. Half an hour seemed about right both for Morgan and for us watching. It also means that he can have another half an hour lesson sometime soon.

Young Driver

Young Driver


With the driving lesson over we headed off to Cheshire Oaks where we had lunch in Bella Italia and wandered around the shops. We didn’t buy a huge amount as we’re rubbish as this type of shopping but it was a nice day out all the same. We were home in time for me to go out on my surf ski for a play in the waves too. The sun was shining by now as well.

A nice family day out and hopefully an exciting, new and enjoyable experience for Morgan.

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