Scoring Waves

I missed out on the Colwyn Bay Surf Ski races today. I could have gone, but it’s a 2 hour drive each way to North Wales. I’m supposed to be driving south tomorrow to Builth Wells so I decided it was best to save some diesel and stay at home. My back has been sore all week as well so not racing in the ski today was probably a sensible option. It did of course mean that I couldn’t score any points in the series. I did however score plenty of waves here at home instead.

Scoring Waves

Scoring waves has to be better than scoring points. Scoring waves on your doorstep rather than driving for 4 hours to do so is just a bonus.

I have to admit the weather wasn’t the greatest. Grey, dark and raining, it could only be described as grotty. But once on the beach I barely noticed. The waves were 2-3 foot and there was no wind so they were peeling nicely. They were pretty easy to catch right out the back too as they jacked up on the sandbanks.

There were a few surfers out including Larry on his SUP so I paddled down to say hello to them but then returned to the section of beach in front of our house which I had to myself. Actually, I did share it with a few dolphins at one point. After seeing them I headed into the beach to put my camera on my helmet rather than on my boat so that I could film them but by the time I had done so they had decided that I wasn’t very interesting after all so had moved on.

Not a bad way to start the day with wave after wave to play on.

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