3 Men in 3 Boats

That was a nice change, people to share the waves with at Ynyslas. I know that most people like to find waves to themselves, but I have that every day here so having someone to surf ski here with was a nice change. And, with free parking, free coffee and free waves what’s not to like about Ynyslas for them. On its day it can be the perfect place to Surf Ski with long, clean waves, lovely backdrops, wildlife and miles of quiet beach. Even on an average day it’s good so it’s nice to share it now and then.

I had tried to plan a paddle for Easter Monday but the weather looked terrible so instead Richard and Adrian joined me on Easter Sunday.

Open Water Swim

I had a few things to do before getting out in my boat. First of these was an early morning sea swim. The first proper open water swim of the year and with the air temperature at 1ºC it was a chilly one. It was fine in the water, but I need to get my face out of the water to breath and that’s where it was cold. I didn’t last long thanks to ice cream headache but it had been done.

Isaac’s Treasure Hunt

Next was a trip into Aberystwyth with Anna and Morgan to do the Isaac’s Sweet Shop Treasure Hunt. We did quite well but as usual struggled with one or two of the clues. It was a nice stroll around Aberystwyth and some family time together with Morgan off his X-box for a few hours! We bought some fudge in the sweet shop and ingredients for Triple Chocolate Cheesecake (As if we needed more chocolate on Easter Sunday!) and then headed home through the Borth Bank Holiday traffic!

We spotted Richard and Adrian on the way through Borth so they followed us home where we had coffee before heading out for a paddle

3 Men in 3 Boats

Conditions weren’t very exciting but there was a tiny little wave and a light offshore breeze so we could at least head out for a paddle. We played in the small waves for a bit then headed towards the estuary. It was big Spring tide and coming towards low tide so the channels into the estuary on this side of the river were too shallow to paddle through. Instead of headin over to Aberdyfi for an ice cream we just played on the waves over the bar instead. We then gradually made out way back towards the beach by our house, playing on the waves as we went.

We then swapped boats for a bit and had a very leisurely paddle. Nothing too strenuous so we were getting a little chilly after a couple of hours on the water. Time to head back home for tea and a chat. A nice day out and certainly a good choice. As I sit here writing this on the morning of Easter Monday it is absolutely pouring with rain and has been since 1am. The horrible wetness is accompanied by a strong offshore wind with gusts up to 53 knots. Not nice conditions for paddling in so I think I’ll stay at home and eat chocolate instead.

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