Gift Subscriptions

I’ve recently been sent a selection of freebies from Shave and Subscribe so I thought I’d write a post about various gift subscriptions for you. Just in case you needed some inspiration for the ultimate Christmas present.

Gift Subscriptions

Talking of subscriptions and Christmas presents then there are plenty of other subscriptions that you can buy as presents. Some I’ve already mentioned in previous blog posts such as snacks from Graze or beer from Flavourly are good, but there are plenty out there. Socks and pants might be a little boring as Christmas presents even if they are quite traditional, but a sock or pant subscription livens it up a bit. Subscriptions are great presents as they just keep giving. Most subscription services allow you to set a frequency and a cut off point so you don’t have to keep paying forever. It is however an exciting present for the recipient as every month or so a new parcel arrives for them to unwrap.

Shaving Subscriptions

Shave and Subscribe wasn’t mentioned in my original blog post about Shaving Subscriptions so I will update it, but they offer a selection of gillette products, starting at £10.99 every 3 months. That’s 8 blades per delivery of their basic Gillette Mach 3 for £10.99 so £1.37 per blade which is pretty good value. Mind you, most people will want something a little more sophisticated and the top of the range Gillette Fusion ProShield that I’ve been sent costs £19.49 for 6 blades – That’s £3.24 per blade. They are very nice though as is the handle that came with it and the ‘Shave Doctor shaving products that they sent me. These have a lovely smell that reminds me of sherbet lemons. You can sign up to Shave and Subscribe here.

Shaving Goodies

Shaving Goodies

As far as my personal shaving subscription goes, then I’m still receiving blades from the Sterling Shave Club which work out at £2.25 per blade for their top of the range razor with razor with 5 ceramic-coated carbon steel blades. They seem to last me for ages. You can sign up at Sterling Shave Club using referral code SSC8489033 – Which gets me another free set of razors if you do!

With Christmas coming, it’s the perfect gift for the man (or woman for that matter) who has it all.



Beer is always a winner and I still can’t decide which subscription service I like best between Flavourly and Beer52. Both offer varied subscriptions of decent craft beers at fairly good prices. Both come with a magazine, the Beer 52 ‘Ferment’ magazine here is a little better here. Beer 52 also have a referral system. If you refer a friend and they sign up for a Beer52 beer subscription, not only will the friend get their first box half price but you get a free box too. It works out at just £1.50 per beer for your first box which comes complete with a free magazine and a free snack and you can cancel at any time. Use this link for the discount:

If beer isn’t your thing than Flavourly offer a gin club subscription too. There are plenty of wine subscriptions out there too and we have tried wines from Virgin and Laithwaites before but I’ve gone off them as they then tend to pester you with sales calls!

Socks and Pants

The old Christmas favourite spiced up with a subscription. Morgan loves his Henry J Socks and they offer a number of plans for socks sent every month. They also do boxers or a combine socks and boxer package. What could be nicer than getting socks for Christmas? How about sock and boxers for Christmas and then new ones every month as well!

Food & Drink

Graze boxes are an old favourite of ours. They used to be healthy snacks but now do a whole range of snacks including some that are a little less healthy. Their new protein balls that I had in a box a few weeks ago were delicious. In fact I might see if I can change my subscription to include more of these! You can get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free if you use this code on sign up: ANNAC3QTB.

The Spicery is still one of my favourites. Delicious fresh spices to make a lovely meal with. It’s always a special occasion when we have a spicery meal and we’ve yet to have one that hasn’t been lush!

Chocolate from Cocoa Runners looks delish! They aren’t cheap though at £18.95 per month for four bars so we’ve yet to try it. Chococo look nice too but at £56.50 for a 3 month subscription which consists of a box containing 16 chocolates it’s a little too expensive for us and there would be too many arguments over who had which chocolate. At least Hotel Chocolat’s Tasting Club box that we get thanks to Anna’s Mum has 3 of each chocolate so we can share it perfectly.

Pact do coffee subscriptions – again not one we’ve tried but it would be nice. We would have to treat ourselves to a nice new coffee machine first though.

There are loads of other options for gift subscriptions too. Make up, toiletries and even a sports specific one supplying you with energy bars thanks to Tribe. Tribe offer energy bars, recovery shakes and other sports related snacks that all taste lovely. You can sign up for your first pack for just £1 using this link: Tribe Pack for £1 – and then cancel at anytime if you want.

With so many gift subscriptions on offer you can’t fail to find something for everyone in your life and give them a Christmas gift that just keeps giving.

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