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I’ve heard quite a bit about shaving subscriptions lately as Harry’s are always advertising on the various podcasts that I listen to. The idea sounded good, but maybe I was being taken in by the advertising. According to the adverts, with these shaving subscriptions, you get a nice razor handle in your first package of the subscription and then get sent new blades every so often. They say that the blades are superior to those you buy in the supermarket and that it works out much cheaper. I kind of believe that as blades from the likes of gillette in the supermarket are ridiculously expensive. I did take a quick look at Harry’s but they were only available in the US so that’s as far as it went.

UK Shaving Subscriptions

I didn’t look for UK based ones, but obviously Anna did as I was given one from the Sterling Shave Club. Apparently she did a fair bit of research into UK shaving subscriptions and this one looked the best value for money, so if you happen to be signing up then use referral code SSC8489033J when you do so as I’ll get a free month of razors from it. There are quite a few companies offering shaving subscriptions in the UK now though.

Sterling Shave Club

Sterling Shaving Subscriptions

Sterling Shaving Subscriptions

This is the one that I have a subscription for. They offer 3 different razors, “The Duke”, “The Lordship” and “The Earl & Countess”. The ‘top of the range version is The Duke, and this is the one I’ve got. It has a nice weighty handle and a 5 bladed cartridge and costs £8.49. You get the handle and four cartridges in the first package and then 4 cartridges in each subsequent package. You can arrange for the packages to come every month (if you are particularly hairy) or every two months which will be more than enough for me. Not that it matters if I don’t use them all up in that time of course as they will keep and you can choose when you renew your subscription. This 5 blade option works out to be £2.12 per cartridge.

They offer other razors as well, with the cheapest starting at £5.49 per package. Along with their shaving subscriptions they also sell various shaving foams, balms and other facial products too.

As mentioned above, if signing up, then please use referral code SSC8489033J when you do.


CornerstoneThis one looks quite nice as well. Cornerstone offer a similar shaving subscription, with a 5 blade, ‘German engineered’ blade with their package costing £14 for 6 blades. That’s £2.33 per cartridge.

They also offer the usual facial care products too. They also say that it’s easy to pause your deliveries, change your products or alter your delivery schedule. There’s no commitment and you can cancel at any point.

Bearded Colonel

beared-colonelThere’s something of a pattern here as the offerings from Bearded Colonel are very similar too, with the usual German engineered blades, a handle and blades to get you started and then 4 5-bladed cartridges with each delivery for £10. That’s £2.50 per cartridge.

Shave Kit

shavekitAnother shaving susbcription with similar offerings to those above. Shave Kit also have a 5-blade cartridge subscription that costs £8.95 per month, which is £2.24 per cartridge

Shave Club UK

shave-club-ukAnother offering of UK shaving subscription and this one seems to be targeted at the younger, more outgoing market. The cheapest 3 blade cartridges that they offer is touted as ‘one for the lads’ and you can buy condoms from them too!

The 5 blade cartridge subscription from Shave Club UK costs £5.99 for 5 cartridges so that’s only £1.20 per cartridge which is by far the cheapest of the subscriptions.

King of Shaves

king-of-shavesThe bigger names in the world of shaving are getting in on the act as well, with King of Shaves also offering several shaving subscriptions. They offer loads of different options though, some with shaving products, some with 8 cartridges, some with 6 cartridges and all with different gels, moisturisers etc. You can see the whole range of shaving subscriptions from King of Shaves here.

Their basic package with just the handle and the cartridges only costs £5.99 for 3 cartridges as well, which is £2 per cartridge, so slightly cheaper than even the ‘Sterling Shave Club, but maybe not quite so ’boutique’.


gilletteGillette are probably the biggest name in shaving so it stands to reason that they would offer a shaving subscription too, although it seems as though it is offered via Amazon. They have various blades and packages, but the most comparable to the one I have is their 5-bladed Gillette Fusion package which is currently on offer at £16.40 per package of 8. That’s £2.05 per cartridge.

Shave and Subscribe

Another company offering Gillette products that seem quite good is Shave and Subscribe. starting at £10.99 every 3 months. That’s 8 blades per delivery of their basic Gillette Mach 3 for £10.99 so £1.37 per blade which is the cheapest on offer. Mind you, most people will want something a little more sophisticated and the top of the range Gillette Fusion ProShield that I’ve tried costs £19.49 for 6 blades – That’s £3.24 per blade. They are very nice though as is the handle that came with it. The ‘Shave Doctor shaving products that they sent me have a lovely smell that reminds me of sherbet lemons too.

As you can see, there are loads of UK shaving subscriptions, most cost just over £2 per cartridge, but Shave Club UK seems to be the cheapest. If you want something a little more up market and probably better quality then there are plenty to choose from and although mainly aimed at men, most of them do offer more girlie options for the lady in your life too. It’s a good idea, it’s makes a nice present and probably saves money over buying them from the supermarket too.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are shavekit and Harry’s linked as I sent an email to cancel a dispatch I did not want and I received an email from Shavekit this is dubious TBH. I never agreed to products being sent out just wanted to try and get a feel for the other products available. I must admit I have decided on 1 Brand and it suits me fine.

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