Xmas Eve Eve – Biking and Cake Decorating

That was a productive and chilled Christmas Eve Eve…. Bike riding and Christmas cake decorating.

Big Bike Ride

I started the day with a nice outing on my new bike. 3½ hours and just short of 40 miles so quite a big ride in the mist and murk from home, out through Borth, into Talybont Woods and then the big climb all the way up towards Bont Goch and then up to Nant yr Arian where I had a nice little spin around the Pendam Trail. Next I headed off to Nant y Moch and then back down to Bont Goch via the Fynach Fawr descent before heading into Talybont and through the woods behind Taliesin and then home. Soaking wet and covered in mud I cleaned and lubed my bike, hosed myself down and then had a shower and an epic hot chocolate.

After lunch I tried to convert my wheels to tubeless but as usual, without a track pump sufficient enough to get the tyres sealed I was unsuccessful, so put an inner tube back in.

Christmas Cake Decorating

Morgan and I then spent the afternoon in the kitchen with Christmas Carols on our playlist and a large Christmas cake to decorate. As usual I made the cake a couple of months ago and have been feeding it with various spirits ever since. I then covered in a nice thick layer of marzipan last week (I like marzipan!) and left it to air until today. Morgan and I then put on a Christmas playlist, got out our cake decorating boxes and set to work.

Baking Goodies

Baking Goodies

We are by no means experts at cake decorating so we try to pick a design that will look good but not be too difficult. In fact, I’d go as far as saying we were fairly inept amateurs really, so it’s never easy. Before long we were working out how best to achieve the desired effect and were constructing various gadgets to help us.

Things started to take shape though and we’re quite pleased with the end result.

The finished Cake

The finished Cake

Morgan was particularly pleased with the piping as it was something he had said should be on the cake this year and he did it all by himself – probably better than I could have done it as well.

Snowman Christmas Cake

Snowman Christmas Cake

So here’s a little slideshow of the process complete with festive music.

With that done and all of the sweets and snacks out to be enjoyed, Christmas can start for real.

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  1. Avatar forComment Author Mum says:

    Amazing !
    Well done to you and Morgan.
    Could star taking orders for next year !

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