Nant yr Arian in the Snow

With weather warnings galore for snow, ice and high winds my mountain bike ride this evening was always going to be an interesting one. In the end it was just me lucky enough (or is that crazy enough) to go out. I decided it would be safer to stick to the main roads so rather than start from Pendam I drove around to the visitor centre at Nant yr Arian and went from there.

Nant yr Arian

Nant yr Arian

It was 0ºC with a light dusting of snow at the visitor centre. I would have liked to have seen a bit more snow but I had a plan for that. After starting off on the usual trails I decided to double back on myself somewhat and head off onto less frequented, more remote and exposed trails. Here I found a winter-wonderland, even if it was a cold and wet one with a biting wind and lots of slush filled puddles.

Still a nice mountain bike ride in the snow though as darkness fell around me.

Not quite the mayhem and ‘snowmageddon’ forecast but still fun to see and get out in some snow.

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  1. Mum says:

    You’re crazy Al, not sure where you get it from xx

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