A New Beekeeping and Gardening Store

The back (south) side of our house is a long narrow strip of land that has previously housed a couple of small sheds two waterbutts and a has become a bit of a dumping ground. The sheds were storage for gardening and beekeeping equipment. The area did have a raised bed that was never very successful and was also a storage area for bags of compost, and old surf ski and some boxes of logs for the fire. We decided we wanted to tidy this up, make more use of it and build a long lean-to over it so that we could use it as a better storage area for such things and also for our canoe.

Site of the new lean-to

Site of the new lean-to

Beekeeping and Gardening Store

The first job therefore was to move the sheds out of the way so that we could get to it and we decided that a new store for our beekeeping and gardening equipment was in order. The shed that is was currently stored in was quite rotten after all. At the bottom end of our garden, opposite our apiary and is a shaded, damp, wooded area so we decided to build a new storage shed here. We bought a small flat packed shed and after a while levelling out some block for it to go on Anna and I set to building it one grey morning.

Store Build

Store Build

It didn’t take long and we soon had a fully functional store that we filled with beekeeping and gardening equipment.

Garden Store Building

Garden Store Building

It’s a nice little store, uses up an under-used part of the garden and at the moment is neat and tidy, just the way I like it. It’ll be handy for beekeeping to as it is right by our apiary.

Compost Bins

Our large garden compst bins are just the other side of the apiary but they are a little too close to the hives. This means that we can’t really get to them that well without upsetting the bees. The wood I built them from is beginning to rot as well, so it’s time they were replaced. I’ve decided that it might be a good idea to build a new compost bin next to our new beekeeping and gardening store, so that will be a job for another day.

Composting is great, but I still seem to have loads of garden rubbish that I don’t know what to do with. This part of the garden seem to be full of huge bins of compost, even larger piles of branches and wood from chopping down trees and hedges and large mounds of sand, soil, old turf and of course gras clipping. Just what are we supposed to do with so much garden waste?


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