A Quiet Weekend

Feet Up!

Feet Up!

For the first time in about 11 years I had a weekend to myself.  I’m not sure how it happened but Alan and Morgan were off to PGL with the scouts and I was staying at home.  I don’t think Alan and Morgan could quite believe it either and seemed desperate to know what I could possibly do to keep myself occupied while they were away.

On Friday, after the school to cornet lesson dash that we have to do every week and a quick trip to Co-op for snacks for the boys to take with them I went to see off the minibus before heading home for a quiet evening.  And that is exactly what I got, a nice peaceful evening catching up on a pile of programmes I had recorded with the cat snuggled up with me.  I’m don’t think the cat could quite get over the peace and quiet either but soon settled down on the bed, taking up a lot more room than usual.

The first thing I noticed the next day was how relatively early I woke up but still feeling like I’d had a really good nights sleep.  A quick look at my Mi Band sleep tracking and all became clear.  I’d had nearly double the amount of deep sleep I would normally have.  Whether this is due to having the bed to myself (apart from the cat) or because the cat wasn’t disturbed early by Alan getting up and waking her up I don’t know but the pattern continued over the weekend as you can see from the before, during and after shots here.


After an early trip to Lidl to stock up the household food supplies (so early in fact that when I’d finished in Lidl, Iceland wasn’t open yet for me to get the last couple of things I needed I settled down with a coffee and a yummy cinnamon bun, enjoying the sunshine in the conservatory with a good book.  I had a nice walk in the dunes (we do live in a lovely place) before getting back home and treating myself to French Toast for tea (Alan wouldn’t accept this as a reasonable tea time substitute!) and I could get away with as many half finished cups of tea as I liked with no-one to complain I had left them to go cold without drinking them.

Sunday was much the same.  A few jobs around the house and a chance to stock up the freezer with some homemade soup for lunches at work as well as making a lovely slow cooked chilli for dinner and with plenty left over to freeze for another day.

The boys were due back at about 8.30pm so I got to the bus drop off nice and early to fit in a quick 20 minute walk to get some bounts points before they got back.  As soon as the bus arrived the peace and quiet of the weekend quickly melted into the background as I was greeted to the final verses of the Goldfish song and stories of the weekend.

It sounds like they both had a good time even if Morgan decided he was probably too tired to go to school the next morning.

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  1. Mum says:

    Uh oh single beds in the future, actually amend that separate bedrooms, look out Al I think you maybe moving into your office lol

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