Selfie – Wearing Specs

Just thought I’d post a quick #lovethyselfie photo seeing as I have some new glasses from specsavers. It’s not often that I take a selfie, but as I was sat at my desk trying them out it was easier to see what they looked like by taking a quick selfie than it was to walk to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

Selfie with Specs

Selfie with Specs

Selfie with Specs

I think they look OK. They’ll take a bit of getting used to and as I said before, they are only supposed to be used for close up reading, so I may have to force myself to use them rather than just stretch my arm a bit to move the reading material away from my eyes! They do also magnify things on the screen when using my computer so they’ll probably be useful for that too, which is after all what I spend most of my time doing. However, things still seem a little blurry to me even if it is larger and easier to read. Maybe it’ll just take a while to get used to them, or maybe there’s something else going on with my eyes. I’ll have to see how I get on with them and mention it to the opticians next time I’m there.

Specsavers in Aberystwyth have been good so far though, always ready to help when you go in and although I had an appointment booked for tomorrow to collect them and have them fitted, I was in town today so popped in on the off chance that they were already there. They were, and they managed to fit me in there and then which saved me a trip into town on Christmas Eve and meant I was only there for a few minutes as I seemed to jump the queue.

Hope they look OK to you.

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