Geocaching Road Trip 2015

Hooray, we completed our 2015 Geocaching Road Trip yesterday and earned ourselves the bonus ‘Road Trip Hero’ souvenir.

Road Trip Hero

Road Trip Hero

As usual, this little challenge took us to some nice places and some fun times.

As a recap, the 2015 Geocaching Road Trip ran between June 19th and September 2nd during which time we had to find five souvenirs to unlock a special sixth souvenir. The individual missions in our Road Trip were:

  • June 19 – Sept 2Find a geocache with 10 or more Favourite Points
  • July 3 – Sept 2Attend an Event, Mega-Event or Giga-Event
  • July 17 – Sept 2Find a T5 or D5 geocache
  • July 31 – Sept 2Find an EarthCache or attend a CITO
  • August 14 – Sept 2Find a Mystery Cache

We started with the ‘Fun with Favourites‘ challenge right after it was live and found a local cache called  ‘Sleeper Train‘ with more than 10 favourite points.

Our Earthcache and ‘High 5 for the Earth‘ Souvenir was called ‘Gorgeous‘ overlooking the Avon Gorge from the Suspension Bridge in Bristol – somewhere that I know well but it’s always nice to take Anna and Morgan.

Morgan and I had a nice day out in Aberaeron and Aberarth where we found a T5 or D5 cache. It was a T5 cache called ‘Wooden you Go There‘. I’m not sure if it really deserves the T5 rating but it earned us our ‘Let’s Get Extreme‘ souvenir nonetheless.

We attended a nice laid back event called ‘A-tent-tion‘ last Friday to earn us our ‘Meet the Road Trip Crew‘ souvenir.

Then on Saturday we stopped off en route to a 10th wedding anniversary party at a nice little church just outside of Devil’s Bridge to find the Mystery cache called ‘Welsh Remote Churches – Ysbyty Cynfyn‘. We’d been here before for walks around Parsons Bridge and Bryn Bras, but had never explored the churchyard nor had we heard the sad story of the grave of the first recorded birth of quadruplets, born at Nantysyddion, who all died of Typhoid Fever in their first month of infancy in 1856. A year of much sadness and bereavement for the Hughes family when you read the graves next to them and see that their brother Hugh and sister Hannah also died along with their Father all in the same month! Then their mother committed suicide and as a result was not buried in the church yard with her family, but outside the churchyard wall nearby.

On a happier note, we found the cache in glorious sunshine overlooking the Welsh Hills and earned ourselves the fifth Road Trip Souvenir, ‘Put On Your Thinking Cap‘.

Put on Your Thinking Cap

Put on Your Thinking Cap

This final souvenir of the challenge brought with it the bonus ‘Road Trip Hero’ souvenir, and also as luck would have it a third souvenir from one cache as it was found on International Geocaching Day 2015 which earned us a souvenir too.

International Geocaching Day 2015

International Geocaching Day 2015


Not a bad haul from a single cache really, and a nice place for it.

Geocaching at Ysbyty Cynfyn

Geocaching at Ysbyty Cynfyn


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  1. mum says:

    Thank goodness we now have typhoid vaccines

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