Hitting the Hill Reps

Spring must be well and truly here as I’ve been getting out in the real world on my bike. After a winter sat on the turbo trainer it’s nice to be outside in the sunshine – although I do have to say that I’m a little odd in actually liking the discipline and controllability of the turbo trainer. Most people hate it, I actually enjoy it.

After a couple of rides outside whilst on holiday in Dorset, I ‘ve done a few rides home from work here and then on Sunday went for a slightly longer ride. 12 miles into Machynlleth where I went for a fairly hard swim in the pool, followed by another 50 miles on the bike. I must admit that I was struggling a little towards the end though so need to start doing a few more long rides.

The on Monday morning, still a little tired from the day before I headed off on my bike to do some hill reps. I thought I might struggle with these as there aren’t any hills when riding on a turbo trainer, but I did surprisingly well.

Best of all, even though I didn’t break any records, I actually pushed pretty hard on all of the intervals which is always a good sign. It also gave me a chance to try out my Garmin Fenix 3, and add a couple of other activity profiles to it’s settings. One called Biking (Hill Reps) and one called Run (Hill Reps). These are both exactly the same as their respective ‘Bike’ and ‘Run’ profiles except for the fact that they have Auto-Lap set to manual only so that I can press the lap button myself at the top and bottom of the hills. I’ll use these profiles for any other manual interval sessions as well. Shame I can’t run at the moment thanks to a foot injury, as the weather is just perfect for outdoor training, and I’d quite like to try out the running dynamics features of my new watch too.

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