National Baking Day

On the way to Devils Bridge on Sunday Morgan informed me that it was National Baking Day, (in fact I think it is National Baking Week), so once we got back from Devils Bridge in the afternoon there was nothing for it but to do some baking…

I know, I know, we should of had plenty of cakes in the house thanks to my early morning baking session on Saturday but Dennis and Sophie came for dinner and helped us polish off most of the Rotorua Mud Cake, and the Baklava Muffins and Tea Bread have since become depleted too, so Sunday’s cakes were:

  • Chocolate dipped Coconut Macaroons
  • Citron Tart

Yep, some proper baking for National Baking Day with home made pastry and everything!… I wasn’t sure that it had quite gone to plan mind you, the pastry wasn’t the best looking pastry but it turned out well in the end and tasted lovely. A lovely light fresh and zingy filling and even the pastry was fine. There isn’t much of it left now though!

Citron Tart

Citron Tart

The Rotorua Mud Cake on Saturday was quite a success mind you. Dennis and Sophie seemed to like it. They not only wanted (and had) a 2nd pudding but also wanted the recipe. Morgan enjoyed it again as well – he is  apt to change his mind about such things! Anna and enjoyed it too, although I didn’t sleep at all that night which could be down to the coffee that is in it.

Morgan surprised me by liking the coconut macaroons as well. Anna wasn’t so keen but I knew that would be the case and half expected to ‘have’ eat them all by myself but Morgan asked for a second one and gobbled it up so must have enjoyed them. I’m not going to have time to keep this up all week though, nor can we afford the ingredients or the calories contained within all these cakes!

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