What’s with all the Puffles?

Puffles seem to be making a comeback in the playground. I don’t quite get it myself, but Morgan seems to like them.

Puffles originate from an online Disney game called Club Penguin where children can explore an imaginary icey world through the use of a penguin avatar. It’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) involving a virtual world containing a range of online games and activities and one of the things your penguin can do within the world is adopt ‘Puffles’ as pets. You then have to care for the Puffles by feeding them and entertaining them.

Morgan doesn’t seem to play Club Penguin online anymore, but with Disney being Disney you can get all sorts of merchandise based on Club Penguin. Puffles seem to be the thing that the school children like to collect although quite why – seeing as they are just funny looking soft toys – I don’t know.

Morgan had another good report from school yesterday so was offered a treat and chose a new Puffle – A purple one this time.

He’s been doing well at school, especially with maths, but his reading and writing is much improved as well – He’s often to be seen buried deep in a book reading to himself which is always nice to see. He also often wants to go to the library after school to get a new book (especially now that there is a new promotion on at the library aimed at getting children in over the school holidays). His report did say he can be a bit ‘silly’ at times, but even that seems to be less often than it used to be – boys will be boys!

For some reason Morgan insists on leaving his Puffles all around my office in the morning so that they can ‘keep me company whilst he is at school’, and whenever I upload photos from my camera it seems as though Morgan has had my camera and has filled it with photos of his Puffles!

Here are the photos I found on my camera this morning – Although I have to admit, with their silly expressions they do look kind of amusing stuffed into random places!

Morgan has names for the all, but I simply identify them by their colour.

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