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First day of the half term and as I have no work on, Morgan is staying at home with me in order to save on child-care costs. Not wanting to sit around the house all day I’d managed to get him excited about heading out to do some geocaching. So, after some breakfast we packed some snacks, loaded up the Forerunner 305 GPS with some likely looking caches, saved some caches onto the iPad and headed out to search for them.

First stop was the shop though for a packet of Vimto bonbons and some lockets as my throat was still killing me.

First cache of the day was Zeta!, a nice easy cache and dash to get us warmed up. We then headed up to the top of the hill overlooking Borth bog to the radio mast where we looked for cache ‘e’ from the alphabet series. We’d looked unsuccessfully for this one before, but found it easily today.

Next was a stop in Llandre for a little micro near to the church and then off down Glanfred lane where we found somewhere to park before walking up a small road and then along a footpath and through an unexpected bamboo grove to find both ‘m’ and ‘o’ from the alphabet series.

We were treating ourselves to a Vimto bonbon after each cache and we were on a roll. After walking back to the car it was a short drive a little further along Glanfred lane and a stop to find ‘q’ from the alphabet series. Whilst walking through the field a rather large bull took quite an interest in us and came from the adjacent field to follow us and block our way back. Rather than try to move him out the way we decided it was best to walk out along the far side of the field.

Another Bon Bon and we were off onto the main road for a quick cache and dash on the ‘dragon series 50’ cache, before heading into Talybont and parking near to the playground. We walked up the steep footpath into the woods and were joined by a little kitten as we did so. It followed us all the way to the top and stayed with us while we took some time to find the ‘spirit off the miners’ cache.

The kitten then continued to follow us all the way through the woods to another three caches. All of these were on the Borth to Devils Bridge footpath and by now the kitten was quite a way from where we first found it. The caches were ‘Yaking Yak’, ‘Centaur’ and ‘Ogre’. We stopped for something to eat in the woods with the kitten climbing all over us. We then walked down the path towards the southern end of Talybont, past a large house with an impressive Monkey Puzzle tree in the garden. The tree had quite a few fruiting bodies on it containing loads of nuts. We were now getting close to the main road and the kitten was still with us, so we decided it was best to pick it up and carry it back to where we found it.

A pretty good days caching in the end, 11 successful finds out of 11 caches attempted.

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  1. Nia says:

    Would have made you both a hot drink if we were in! Our house is the cream cottage right in front of the church in Llandre, the churchyward has a fab view of our garden!

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