Erecting a Fence

We had a busy day in the garden yesterday and some gorgeous Spring weather. The temperature reached 21.2ºC and it was clear blue skies all the way.

Anna and Morgan popped into town to get some concrete and a few additional bits and bobs along with some new plants while I made a start on the new fence.

I spent most of the day digging nice deep holes for the posts and concreting them in, then made a start on the actual slats of the ‘interference’fence that I’m building. Typically, despite having nothing but sand as soil here, almost every time I tried to dig a hole I came across either a giant root, or a block of concrete that had to be dug out.

I got on quite well with it though and had the beginnings of a new fence by the evening. Anna planted out some Saxifraga  an edging to one of the borders. We’ve also got some new Hebe’s to replace the one that didn’t make it through the winter and some lavenders which should help keep the bees happy.

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  1. Sunday, April 10th, 2011

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  2. Monday, April 11th, 2011

    […] out of our bee-suits we had a picnic in the sunshine and a chat and then headed home where I finished off the fence, planted out some plants and Morgan and I made up some more […]

  3. Thursday, August 18th, 2011

    […] new garden fence has provided some shelter though and the goldenrod next to it is currently in full bloom. […]

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